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How to maintain and maintenance of straight shank twist drill?

When straight shank twist cut steel, please ensure that a sufficient amount of cooling and the use of metal cutting fluids, and good drill steel guide clearance can increase the accuracy of drilling and drill bit life, make sure that between the magnetic base and the workpiece the smooth and clean. When straight shank twist drill sheet, to strengthening the workpiece, drilling large workpieces, ensure stability of the workpiece in drilling beginning and end of feed rate should be reduced by one third. Straight shank twist Po wall seamless steel pipe is made, it is not suitable for use in hard soil areas after each use should be washed, dried, coated with anti-rust oil to prevent rust.
When using the first cross member bolt connector into the straight shank twist drill head nut bar activities connected directional groove counterclockwise and tighten the coupling nut to insert a predetermined pressure to the drilling area by hand clockwise screwed soil, every spin that is about 200-250 mm up drilling aside, if it is too deep to set aside time would be very laborious and not easy to tick down spiral drill Turkey, this is the soil from soil samples of the lot distance. Successive reciprocation work to 1 meter depth of the need to continue to drill, drill should be clockwise loosen the coupling nut remove part of the connection portion of the cross, the additional portion of the bolt head portion of the drill pipe section II connector into the drill screw member active connections tighten the coupling nut clockwise and then the cross-member and the drill continues to work than connected.